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Titel: the Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (aus Russland)
Beitrag von: StS nach 17 Mai 2018, 19:57:14

In Lake of the Dead, directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy...

"An evil Mermaid falls in love with Marina's fiancé Roman and aims to keep him away from Marina in her Kingdom of Death under water. The Mermaid is a young woman who drowned a few centuries ago. Marina only has one week to overcome her fear of the dark water, to remain human in the deathly fight with the monsters and not to become one herself."

The cast includes Viktoriya Agalakova, Igor Khripunov, Efim Petrunin, Nikita Elenev and Sesil Plezhe.

Den behalte ich mal im Auge.