Camellia (Wisit Sasanatieng / Yukisada Isao / Jang Joonhwan)

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Hat das Ding schon jemand gesehen und/oder weiss, wann der hierzulande rauskommt? Ich bin vor allem interessiert, da dort ja Jang Jun-Hwan mitgewirkt hat, der ja auch bei "Save the Green Planet" Regie geführt hat. "Tears of the Black Tiger" von Wisit Sasanatieng habe ich auch und fand den ebenfalls sehr abgefahren.

Habe eben ein wenig rumgegooglet und dabei folgendes über den Film gefunden:

Zitat[Camellia] is an omnibus by three directors from Thailand, Japan and Korea. Although filmed against the backdrop of Busan, the film unfurls its love stories by the individual directors in the past, present, and future tense.
Wisit Sasanatieng's [Iron Pussy: A Kimchi Affair] depicts the story of a cross-dressing secret agent that falls in love during a mission. The director reinterprets the unique and beloved character of Iron Pussy in Thailand within a kitschy context. Yukisada Isao's [Kamome] tells the story of a camera operator who has a surreal rendezvous with a lady who wanders into his camera frame with a gentle and warm touch. Jang Joonhwan's [Love for Sale] gives us a man in search of an authentic love in the city of Busan, where the memory of love is up for trade. He maximizes the psychedelic tones of science fiction for a novel reinterpretation of the meaning of love.
Made by three teams of directors and crew, [Camellia] proposes a new path for the Asian film industry. Despite the distinctive production styles and characters, this stimulating co-production ultimately encourages venturing into unfamiliar artworks. (KIM Ji-seok)

Wisit Sasanatieng was invited to the 2001 Cannes Un Certain Regard for the first time in Thai film history for his debut film, Tears of the Black Tiger(2000). His second film, Citizen Dog(2004) was selected as one of the 10 best films in 2005 by Time magazine and was featured at the 10th Pusan International Film Festival.
Born in Japan in 1968, Yukisada Isao has directed many films including Sunflower(2000), Enclosed Pain(2000), Go(2001), and Year One in the North(2004). He has also written the screenplays for Justice(2002), A Day on the Planet(2004), Crying out Love in the Center of the World(2004), and Spring Snow(2005), all of which he has also directed.
JANG Joonhwan
Born in Jeonju, JANG Joonhwan introduced his first film Motel Cactus in 1997. He also worked on the scenarios of 1999 Phantom, the Submarine, and directed Save the Green Planet!(2003). He received rave reviews of domestic and international critics and more than 20 awards from various film festivals.


Camellia English-subtitled trailer

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