WANTED! Bruceploitation aushangfotos

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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any Bruce Lee Clone (Bruceploitation) lobby cards for sale?  Movies starring such people as Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee, etc. 

Here are some titles I need;
Bruce Li - Die Faust der Vergeltung (Edge of Fury)
Bruce Lee - Der reißende Puma (Storming Attacks)
Bruce Lee - Gigant des Kung Fu (Dragon Lives)
Bruce Lee Superstar
Bruce Lee gegen die Supermänner (Bruce Lee against Supermen)
Shaolin Handlock (Bruce Against Iron Finger)
Wir sind die größten Knochenbrecher (Blind Fist of Bruce)
Gelben Augen des Gorillas (Bruce Lee the invincible)
Stärker als 1000 Drachen (Ming Patriots)

I also have some sets that cards are missing, so I'm interested in individual cards as well from other movies, so please let me know if you have anything or if you know anywhere that I can buy them.