November (estonischer Schwarzweiß-Gothic-Horror)

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Rainer Sarnet's November, a werewolf movie with a mixture of magic, black humour and romantic love, which premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival where it won "best cinematagraphy".

Set in a pagan Estonian village where werewolves, the plague, and spirits roam, Rainer Sarnet's third feature film is a bold, twisted fairy tale about unrequited love. November is based on Estonian author Andrus Kivirähk's bestselling cult novel, "Rehepapp".

Okay... dem würd ich mal ne Chance geben.

"Diane, last night I dreamt I was eating a large,  tasteless gumdrop and awoke to discover I was chewing one of my foam disposable earplugs.
Perhaps  I should consider moderating my nighttime coffee consumption...."
(Agent Dale B.Cooper - "Twin Peaks")