Leprechaun Returns

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ZitatLionsgate's franchise reboot Leprechaun Returns will be arriving on Digital and On Demand December 11, 2018, with the Steven Kostanski-directed (The Void) film serving as a sequel to the original Leprechaun. Today brings the official trailer for the film, giving us our first taste of actor Linden Porco as the title character.

Sure, we're bummed that Warwick Davis isn't back, but it's looking like Porco totally nailed the role. All around, this one looks like a fun time, very much in line with the silliness of the previous Leprechaun films. It's rated R, and with Kostanski at the helm, we're thinking we'll be getting some good gore out of this one. The first trailer, however, hides those gory bits.

In the brand new sequel, "The deadly, wisecracking Leprechaun is back in all his gory glory. When the sorority sisters of the Alpha Upsilon house decide to go green and use an old well as their water source, they unwittingly awaken a pint-sized, green-clad monster. The Leprechaun wants a pot of gold buried near the sorority house, but first, he must recover his powers with a killing spree--and only the girls of AU can stop him."

Leprechaun Returns co-stars Mark Holton, reprising the role of Ozzie!
We're thinking we won't be getting a Jennifer Aniston cameo...


"Diane, last night I dreamt I was eating a large,  tasteless gumdrop and awoke to discover I was chewing one of my foam disposable earplugs.
Perhaps  I should consider moderating my nighttime coffee consumption...."
(Agent Dale B.Cooper - "Twin Peaks")