Haunt (produced by Eli Roth)

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Haunt... a new horror-thriller by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the duo who wrote the box office sensation A Quiet Place.

Haunt takes place on Halloween, with a group of friends encountering an "extreme" haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. But the night turns deadly as they come to the horrifying realization that some nightmares are real.

"Diane, last night I dreamt I was eating a large,  tasteless gumdrop and awoke to discover I was chewing one of my foam disposable earplugs.
Perhaps  I should consider moderating my nighttime coffee consumption...."
(Agent Dale B.Cooper - "Twin Peaks")


Das sieht nach einem kleinen, dreckigen Schocker genau nach meinem Geschmack aus! Der Name Eli Roth in den Credits hätte allerdings nicht sein müssen, die Produzenten sprechen aber für Qualität...