Locked Down (Quarantäne-Heist-Comedy von Doug Liman mit Hathaway & Ejiofor)

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ZitatOn Jan. 14, Liman will release "Locked Down" on HBO Max, a tale of a relationship soured in quarantine in the early days of COVID-19. Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor star as an estranged couple in London, keeping their distance in a luxurious flat and venting frustrations on work and family Zoom calls. Fate has it that the pair are in the position to steal a $4 million diamond from luxury retailer Harrods, turning their domestic strife into a major moral and ethical dilemma.

"Locked Down," however, is not confined to the fuzzy frames of video calls. Hathaway and Ejiofor rock bare faces for intimate scenes and action sequences, stalking the halls of their townhouse and the underground tunnels of Harrods (this is the first film to be shot in the world's most famous department store, a location Liman says he couldn't have secured if the pandemic hadn't closed the retailer down).

Conceived on July 1 with screenwriter Steven Knight, the project raised $5 million in independent financing, according to sources. It was shopped in September with a half-completed script and wrapped by the end of October — a stunning achievement given the safety risks and the crumbling theatrical film market.


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