Garcia! (spanische HBO-Max-Serie / Comic-Adaption)

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If you're hungry for a fast-paced, action series featuring cryogenically frozen secret agents, political conspiracies, and Spain's fascist dictator Francisco Franco, then you should check out the trailer for Garcia!, a six-episode series streaming on HBO Max.

Garcia! is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Santiago García and Luis Bustos and spans six decades in Spain's tumultuous political history, seamlessly blending satire and suspense for a genre-bending adventure of epic proportions. The series follows "Antonia (Veki Velilla), a young reporter who quickly becomes embroiled in an elaborate political conspiracy after accidentally defrosting a cryogenically frozen secret agent from the 1960s. Finding himself thrust into a fractured modern world, Garcia (Francisco Ortiz), a former pawn in fascist dictator Francisco Franco's regime, must rely on Antonia's help to fit in – and decide where his loyalties lie amid a conspiracy to upend the Spanish government."
"Diane, last night I dreamt I was eating a large,  tasteless gumdrop and awoke to discover I was chewing one of my foam disposable earplugs.
Perhaps  I should consider moderating my nighttime coffee consumption...."
(Agent Dale B.Cooper - "Twin Peaks")

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